geometrical and physical observation the beauty of Aphrodite and Adonis


Pieter Paul Rubens LSD

Protect Yourself from Google Streetview with a Pixelhead

Biennale di Venezia Arti Visive - Padiglione Russia - Vadim Zacharov, Danae

I LOVE YOUR WORK is an interactive documentary about the realities of those who make fantasies.
It is a raw and intimate portrait of the everyday lives of nine women who make lesbian porn.

Brooklyn-based artists FAILE on their permanent installation, The 104 North 7th Project. The piece consists of thousands of handmade tiles designed by the artists, each individually pressed and painted, and then fired in a wood-burning kiln and shipped to the installation site. The tiles were then applied to the surface of the building by the artists and a team of helpers over several days.

Obsolete Apple computer performance by Jonathan Reus

Paris Kain’s Fashion Short Film “Octo-Pussy”